Pars Film London is not only a hub for contemporary mainstream Iranian cinema. We are also in the process of obtaining films made before the 1979 revolution. The negatives are washed, scanned and remastered digitally. 

The work of Pars Film London does not end there. Alongside obtaining and exhibiting Iranian films, we are also in the process of making a documentary featuring many Iranian artists. This documentary is scheduled to be released towards the end of 2016.

Screenings will be as regular as our busy schedule permits, aiming to bring the Iranian community together to watch a film. However this event is not solely aimed to the Iranian community. The invite is also extended to non-Iranians to see a different aspect of Iranian cinema. All contemporary films have English subtitles, however the films made before 1979 do not. 



Since March 2016 Pars Film London has gone into production of a documentary titled “Journey With The Wind”. This is the first time an Iranian documentary has been made in 6 countries. Filming has been conducted in Spain, Italy, Iran, UK, Australia and the USA.

More information of the film itself will be published soon, all we can say so far is that more than 20 Iranian artists will be featured in this film. It is aimed that all post-production will be completed by December 2016 and exhibition will start in 2017.


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For further information and questions email: info@parsfilmlondon.co.uk

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